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Regular facials will make all the difference to the appearance and texture of your skin but just as importantly they can give you an opportunity to completely relax, unwind and forget about the stresses of modern life..


Naturally glowing and clear skin will allow you to have more makeup free days and feel confident with lighter, more natural makeup. Makeup will also be easier to apply, have a better finish, and last longer.


We only use 100% organic products from Made for Life to ensure maximum benefit to your skin.  




Made for Life Organics are based in Truro, and all of their products are lovingly made right here in Cornwall. They are all 100% organic and are made using only the finest pure and natural ingredients.


Their ‘Face’ range is suitable for all skin types, and only contain pure botanicals and oils, with no added chemicals whatsoever.


The active ingredients have the following benefits;


  • Antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory on blemishes and acne

  • Heal scarring, sun damage and pigmentation

  • Natural collagen and retinols for wrinkles and fine lines

  • Antioxidants repair the skin and protect it against further damage

  • Soothing and moisturising for eczema and psoriasis

  • Nourish and prevent further dryness

  • Rich in vitamins A,B,C and E

  • Balance oil and sebum production

  • Detoxifying

  • Brighten, tone and firm the skin

The facial process


  • Cleanse - remove makeup, dirt and grease

  • Steam - open pores and stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation

  • Exfoliate - remove dead skin cells and improve circulation

  • Massage - has many benefits to improve the colour, tone and elasticity of the skin

  • Mask - contains calendula, St. John’s Wort, lavender and rose to heal, nourish and brighten the skin

  • Tone - cool the skin, close pores and restore pH balance

  • Moisturise - a choice of two 'miracle worker’ products with natural hydrating and anti-aging properties


The mini facial involves all of these steps to give your skin a deep cleanse and nourishment.


Treating yourself to the Luxury Facial will allow time to indulge in each of these steps and reach maximum benefits and results for your skin.


All products used during these treatments are available to purchase in person or in the online shop so you can continue your new skincare regime at home.

Give your skin some love - the mini facial includes all of the usual steps but tailored to suit your busy schedule. 


Book your express facial..

30 minutes - £35


Proper pamper time - close your eyes for a deep cleanse, thorough massage, and skin penetrating mask using the very best locally made products. 

Book your luxury facial..

60 minutes - £50


Perfect for a get together with your closest friends - whether it is a birthday, hen party, or just a special treat, Laura will come to your venue and give each person a relaxing mini facial. Ideal for groups of 3-5.

Contact us to book your event..

Facials from £25 per person



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