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Made for Life - Made for a Beautiful Body Gift Set


Made for Life's most complete and luxurious 100% organic body set ever, contains everything that you need for a full body spa experience. Body scrub gently and effectively buffs your skin smooth. Body oils repair and nourish skin - perfect for massage and moisturisng. Heavenly restorative body balm reduces stretch marks, tones and leaves skin soft and gentle.


  • Contents

    Tone and Firm Body Oil (Firming Body Oil) | 100ml 
    Embrace the Day Body Scrub (Lemongrass and Marigold Body Scrub) | 200g 
    Softening Body Oil (Body Softening Oil) | 100ml 
    Restorative Body Balm | 100ml


  • Benefits and Useage

    Embrace the Day Scrub (Lemongrass and Marigold Body Scrub) 
    TAKE A BREATH: Perfect for wet or dry skin. Use gentle circular massage to exfoliate your body, working towards the heart to eliminate toxins and stimulate healthy circulation. Finally rinse for beautifully soft skin.


    Softening Body Oil (Body Softening Oil)
    After bathing or showering pour a small pool into the palm of your hand. Warm the oil with both hands before gently massaging up the body from the feet, up the legs, thighs and buttocks. Take some more oil and massage up the body and across the chest finishing with the shoulders and arms. Work the oil up the body in the direction of the heart to encourage good blood circulation.


    Restorative Body Balm
    For best results, use after your bath or shower whilst your skin is still warm. Gently massage the balm into the skin from your toes upwards towards the heart. Use circular movements to encourage good blood circulation.


    Tone and Firm Body Oil (Firming Body Oil)
    After your bath or shower whilst you skin is still walm, take a small amount in your hands and gently massage in circular motions from your toes upwards, towads the heart to encourage good blood circulation and tone your skin.